EPIC for NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal CPI
Creative Director: Casey Moulton
VFX Supervisor: Rick Sander
Executive Producer: Alexis Nelson
VFX Producer: Taigne Hammock
VFX Editorial: Nathaniel Park

HOAX completed this fun spot with NBCUniversal for Fox and BlueSky’s film, Epic, advertising the theatrical release on May 24 2013. To complete the spot, HOAX worked with Creative Director Casey Moulton to find the best performances and phonemes from shots in the film to match the dialogue in the television spots. HOAX also designed 3D sets and integrated the characters using optical and environmental lighting techniques. Additional CG techniques were then used to enhance and optimize the mouth and lip animations to create the sync. The next phase then used color grading and re-lighting techniques to color match shots from different lighting environments, ensuring a match across the entire cut.