HOAX Films is an Emmy Nominated digital production company specializing in Graphic Design and Visual Effects for Television, Commercials, Music Videos, Branded Content, and Film based in Los Angeles, California and Savannah, Georgia.

The HOAX Films team was nominated for their first Emmy in 2014 for Art Direction and Graphic Design on History Channel’s Ultimate Guide to the Presidents for Production Company Karga 7.

Founded in 2010 by EMMY Nominated Executive Producer Alexis Nelson, HOAX Films has designed titles and graphics for Lifetime, Discovery Channel, Spike TV, and the History Channel.

HOAX has completed visual effects for Universal’s Fast and Furious Five, Katy Perry’s Part of Me, Willow Smith’s 21st Century Girl, ad campaigns for HBO’s Game of Thrones and Sony Pictures’ The Smurfs, two seasons of Spike TV’s highest-rated show, Deadliest Warrior, and many others. The studio’s credits include the music videos for Britney Spears, Laser Beams (Talib Kweli), Sunshine (Little Dragon) and Raw (Dan Black), as well as ad campaigns for Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Absolut Vodka.

Clients include NBC Universal, BBC Worldwide, Lockheed Martin, Discovery, Lifetime, and LG, as well as production companies Wild Plum, DNA, 44 Blue Productions and agency Magner Sanborn. HOAX Films  completed over 800 shots on Deadliest Warrior for Spike TV, expanding to 35 artists. HOAX Films worked on several high-profile film projects, including The Collection for director Marcus Dunstan (writer, Saw V-VII) as principal VFX vendor, Remains for Chiller TV,  Zombeavers.

EMMY Nomination 2014

emmy-natas-logoHistory Channel
Ultimate Guide to the Presidents       Art Direction and Graphic Design


MEBO International 2013

daveylogo_thumbAward: Gold: Websites/Online Marketing – Biotechnology
Award: Gold: Websites/Online Marketing – Education
Award: Gold: Websites/Online Marketing – Science
Award: Silver: Websites/Online Marketing – Other
Award: Silver: Websites/Online Marketing – Experimental
Award: Silver:Websites/Online Marketing – Strange and Unusual


Gold Award Winner: Animation
Gold Award Winner: Video or Motion Graphics
Silver Award Winner: Education
Silver Award Winner: Experimental
Silver Award Winner: Science
Silver Award Winner: Visual Appeal

IMAawardInteractive Media Outstanding Achievement Award: Science/Technology



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 Ad Campaign


Best Entertainment Rich Media Online Campaign: The M Factor Creative



Graphics and Titles

HOAX has been Emmy-Nominated for Art Direction and Graphic Design for History Channel’s Ultimate Guide to the Presidents.  Our designers have a unique approach to creating custom titles and graphics packages, including lower thirds and opening title sequences for television and feature films. Past projects include graphics for Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior,  Lifetime’s Atlanta Plastic, The Rap Game, Discovery Science’s The Quick and the Curious, Atlas Independent’s Revenge for Jolly! as well as work for BBC Worldwide.

Production Services

HOAX Films manages filmmakers who can deliver projects from start to finish. Our talented artists, designers and production crew handle it all: storyboard art, concept design, scriptwriting, casting, production, sound design and editorial specializing in visual effects heavy content. They are creative, passionate, dedicated, and highly skilled at maximizing your production budget.

HOAX works hand in hand with production companies handling just the VFX side of productions as well by helping handle VFX and green screens shoots.

We have produced projects for Guess Handbags, pianist Jarrod Radnich for his Game of Thrones piano arrangement, and an industrial project for Pollen Bank, and music videos.

Commercial, Music Video, and Branded Content Visual Effects

HOAX provides visual effects partnerships, involved from treatment phase to overseeing production and final delivery. Our clients trust us to save them time and money, relying on our proven expertise that is matched with a passion for quality to provide truly stunning results.

Katy Perry’s “Part of Me,” Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch,” Willow Smith’s “21st Century Girl,” Talib Kweli’s “Beautifully Bad” and “Laser Beams”, Sony Pictures’ America’s Got Talent ft. The Smurfs, La Créme Dairy Creamer‘s ‘Get Real’ campaign. Clients include: NBC Universal, Lockheed Martin, LG, production companies DNA, 44 Blue Productions, Original Films, Wild Plum  & agencies Chiat Day and Magner Sanborn.

Television and Film Visual Effects

HOAX Films formed in 2010 with over 800 VFX shots for Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior, expanding to 35 artists. Since then, HOAX created VFX for Universal’s Fast Five, History Channel’s EMMY Nominated show, Universal Guide to the Presidents, along with graphics packages for BBC Worldwide and Discovery Channel. In Fall 2011, HOAX Films began work on several high-profile projects, including The Collection for director Marcus Dunstan (writer, Saw V-VII) as principal VFX vendor, and Remains for Chiller TV, Francesca Gregorgini’s Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes, The Last Stand,  Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes, Blue Lagoon: The Awakening, and Atlas Independent’s Revenge for Jolly! and of course, Jordan Rubin’s Zombeavers!


HOAX has handled editorial for NBCU Green is Universal with Chevy,  Guess Handbags fashion videos, Jarrod Radnich’s Game of Thrones piano arrangement, and many others.

Color Correction and Conform

Kiddkolor is a “micro company” helmed by lead colorist & conform artist Stephen Hens. The company was conceived based on an economic structure that gives Stephen the opportunity to focus on being an artist. Hens can take on projects that he feels passionate about because he is not beholden to bill by the hour for a multi-million dollar facility. This also gives Hens the freedom to collaborate one-on-one with his clients until they achieve the perfect look.

This is possible because the cost of technology has dropped so significantly over the past few years that Kiddkolor does not have to compromise on quality. Kiddkolor grades and finished using the same technology found at any of the top-name facilities out there today. Clients’ budgets can be applied directly to what you see on the screen, not to maintaining outdated technology or infrastructure.

Stephen’s extensive background working as a creative director/post-production artist has created the opportunity to collaborate, and at times helm, award winning and innovative television programming, commercials, music videos, and feature films across a broad range of genres. 

Prior to breaking out as an independent colorist & conform artist Hens ran Chop House Edit/Chop House Post for seven years. Chop was a boutique creative shop designed around the ideology that when a client comes to our front door, they are treated as a member of a partnership and collaboration where everyone participates in the creative process to elevate the creative for the client.

In terms of technology, Kiddkolor keeps its standards at the same level as multi-million dollar facilities. To achieve this, the company utilizes Avical, one of the most trusted names in calibration in the industry. Avical utilizes the same technology and expertise to calibrate all of KiddKolor’s systems that the studio uses. That means client’s picture will look the same at KiddKolor as it does at Company 3 and it does at Sundance, etc. Technically, the Kiddkolor studio is calibrated by David Abrams of Avical, who works with such studios as DreamWorks and Paramount. Kiddkolor is built on a technology- based foundation. Equipment and support choices offer the broadest palette of creative tools that work seamlessly in the background, so that the artist and client can focus on elevating their content not on antiquated workflow conundrums. The Kiddkolor DI theater is a perfect example of this, running a Sim2 DLP Darkchip processor 1080p projector that outputs 14 foot-lamperts; the same as theatrical specs at a local cinema. Driving the projector is a custom-designed Hackintosh “The Kiddkolor Corrector” with the 4th fastest possible configuration for the Mac platform for real-time playback and rendering all in one energy efficient enclosure.


Alexis Nelson  Executive Producer

Alexis Nelson is an EMMY-nominated Executive Producer, and founder of the award-winning digital production and management studio, HOAX Films.

She was nominated for her first EMMY in 2014 for her work in Art Direction and Graphic Design on the History Channel’s Ultimate Guide to the Presidents.

A California native, Nelson graduated from UCLA with a BA in Design Media Arts and a minor in Film and Television. She has been recognized industry-wide as an emerging and innovative leader, beginning her career at Motion Theory and Warner Bros. where she was involved in projects for Buick, Heineken, and Tanqueray.

In 2010, Nelson founded a visual effects and motion graphics company, HOAX Films, delivering work for commercials, music video, television, film, and branded content for production companies and agencies. Now in its fifth year, HOAX is known for its work on campaigns for Game of Thrones, Harry Potter 7, feature films like Fast 5, Zombeavers, and music videos for Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Little Dragon, and Absolut Vodka. Through HOAX Films, Nelson served as visual effects producer for Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior. She also managed graphics, animation, and visual effects departments for the Discovery series Bad Universe.

Lu Meng  Visual Effects Supervisor

Lu Meng is a Visual Effects Supervisor with over 10 years experience. He specializes in high-end visual effects across a multitude of formats and mediums. After 6 years in leadership and as a cg artist at the Mill, he joined forces with HOAX to deliver stunning visual effects and on set supervision.

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