Congratulations on the FYC, Starz!

As we anticipate this year’s Emmys, we here at HOAX are excited to see some familiar shots on this DVD screener for Starz reality TV show, the Chair. 

Our Executive Producer, Alexis Nelson, was the VFX and graphics producer on, YouTube star, Shane Dawson’s American comedy film, Not Cool.

Our amazing VFX creative team for this project was lead by Aurelio Vera and Jason Richardson.


Great job guys! We wish the best of luck to Starz and the talented team behind The Chair!

IMG_2635 (1)

So many exciting things are happening right now! We love this time of year!



Getting Buzzy with the Bees

HOAX Films had an incredible, eye opening experience producing this industrial video for the Bakersfield, California company, Pollen Bank. We got up close and personal with bees, bee hives, and experienced the importance of supplemental pollination.

Director and VFX Supervisor Meng Yang Lu directed the shoot, Cinematographer Thor Wixom came out with his steadicam and followed the bees from blossom to blossom.

Alexis Nelson and Renee Nelson produced, Ian Moore edited, Nick Sahakian caught all the buzzes with his boom mic, DIT and Color Shiblon Wixom, and Marley Gonzales came on board for hair/makeup.

A few behind the scenes photos… I think we had too much fun… oh bee-have!

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 3.27.49 PM




IMG_6303**No bees (or humans) were harmed in the making of this!

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